Eating in Kuching 2012 - Kwong Chin Seafood Centre

There's lots of hawker food and kopitiams in Kuching, but if you are looking for a place more suitable for an occasion, the choices are a bit more limited. After you've been to the same restaurant a few times, it can feel a bit same-old same-old. Thanks to the introduction from a friend, I've found another great place for a nice meal in Kuching. It is Kwong Chin Seafood Centre at 3 1/2 Mile Jalan Datuk Amar Kalong Ningkan. It is next to the Canon Head Office.

I am surprised I have not heard about it before, perhaps the patrons all want to keep it a secret. But the secret is out, as the last time we were there the place was packed.

This is a simple kopitiam style restaurant, but the food is restaurant quality. Try the Yam Chicken which is one of their signature dishes. It has a thin layer of chicken meat sandwiched with yam paste and deepfried. Crunchy and tasty.

 The Fish Rolls wrapped in Bacon - another signature dish that is unusual and tasty. The fish rolls have a crunchiness and bite that is missing from mass market fishballs.

Noodles with Homemade Fishballs. The noodles are cooked "Kolon Mee" style, seasoned with a light soy sauce and then topped with fried shallot and homemade fishballs.

Homemade Tofu with Minced Pork.

Cantonese Hor Fun - very well done. The rice noodles have the required "wok hei" or burnt taste.

Wok Fried Crabs with Eggs. A very fragrant and delicious version - with lots of lemongrass and garlic. The eggs are good to the last bite.

The food at Kwong Chin is very good and reasonably priced. A great place to go for a simple meal or even for an informal celebration.


Looks pretty good, especially the bacon-wrapped fish balls.

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