Johor Bahru 2012 - Senai Airport

I haven't been to Johor Bahru for quite a while, but a recent business trip gave me an opportunity to revisit the place. The airport has a new extension in front which made it a lot more spacious. This airport used to be a transit point for many Sarawakians on the way to Singapore - as going through Johor Bahru was a lot cheaper then going direct to Singapore. Malaysia Airlines used to monopolize the Kuching-Singapore sector and could charge whatever they want. Then came Air Asia - and the rest is history.

Senai Airport was one of those utilitarian airports that was functional and unpretensious. That was why I liked it. Now with the new extension in front - essentially a big passengers hall with more shopping and a large basement carpark, the airport has been modernized and made even better. I liked that they didn't go OTT with the design and kept it simple and functional.

There are large covered drop-off and pick-up areas at the front. Much better then those terminals that look great but hardly have any drop-off areas.

The big hall provide some breathing room and also additional shopping areas. Good for when you need to spend more time at the airport.

With this new extension, traveling to Johor Bahru just got a bit better. Now if they could just come up with more reasons for visiting the City instead of just as a transit point. Of course there is the brand new Legoland - but will have to save that for another trip with the kids.


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