Singapore 2011 - Star Cruise Day 1

Day 1 of the Cruise. We woke up around 7.00 a.m. The sun had just started to rise. As there were no passengers joining or disembarking at Malacca, the ship had by-passed it and was on the way to Port Klang. We spent some time on the balcony enjoying views of the sea. It was quite a nice feeling - floating on the ocean, especially after the nightmarish check-in experience the night before.

There are 3 restaurants on board which are included in the cruise package the Bella Vista Western Restaurant, Mediterranean Buffet and Terrace and The Pavilion Room Chinese Restaurant. You can choose to dine in any of these, but you can only have one choice per meal. We decided to go to Bella Vista for breakfast, and it was a good choice. There was a small buffet spread with bread, pastries, fruits and yogurt. You can also order cooked breakfasts - Western or Asian. We ordered both.

The Bella Vista Dining Room is quite big and impressive. Probably the most impressive interior in the entire ship. Located at the stern, there are three large windows which look out onto the sea.

The selection of pastries.

Also some fruits and salads.

The cooked to order items are nicer - you can have omelettes with bacon, ham and sausages.

The banana pancakes were really good.

Forget about the Asian breakfast which was mainly fried noodles.


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