Singapore 2011 - Best Chicken Rice ?

If you search the food blogs for the best chicken rice in Singapore, you will end up with countless suggestions. After weeding through the haystack though, you will usually end up with half a dozen top of the top contenders. Tian Tian Chicken Rice consistently come out on top in most my searches, so I thought I must give it a try. They have a few branches now, but the original outlet is at the Maxwell Food Centre in Chinatown. It is quite easy to find and any taxi will be able to get you there in no time. If you prefer the MRT - get on the North-East Line and get off at the Chinatown Station and you are not far away.

Befitting its reputation, there is always a long queue waiting to be served. I joined the queue which was more then 15 persons deep. It took about half an hour to reach my turn. You place your order at the cashier counter and wait for your serving. It comes quickly enough, but having to balance a few plates of chicken rice and bean sprouts in a small tray can be a bit of a struggle.

Now for the taste - and I have to say it is really good. The rice is fragrant with the aroma of good chicken stock, fluffy and not oily - easily one of the best I have tasted. The chicken is also perfectly cooked - juicy and tender with nice chicken aroma. My only criticism would be the chili sauce which is not as aromatic as what we are used to in Malaysia.

Even celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has discovered this Singapore gem.

So is this the best chicken rice ? It is close - though from memory, it is not as good as what I think was the best chicken rice I've ever tasted - at Green Road back home in Kuching. Sadly that is no more, but it was so good that it could be your last meal in the world and you would be happy.


Sedat Kurtulus said…
Nice place. I might want to be there if it's possible to teleport my self. :D The time is 2AM and I feel hungry...
Aah! Tell me where the best chicken rice *besides* the defunct Green Road stall is in Kuching!

What do you think makes the difference in the chili sauce?
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Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate and Annie. As I mentioned in the post, Tian Tian is very good ! Do give it a try when you are next in Singapore. Also try Hainanese Legacy at Crown Square. It is quite good ! (I'm biased ;) of course)
House of Annie said…
Okay I got the scoop from a Hainanese coworker. She said that the son of the Green Rd Chicken Rice owner has moved to Big Mouth kopitiam at Batu Kawa behind Lorenzo's.

But, she prefers Chicken Eating House (?) at Jalan Petanak, next to Kaya and Toast (the same area as Madam Tang's).

What makes you biased about Hainanese Legacy? Because of Mr Ho?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate. Big Mouth is quite far below the standard of the original at Green Road.

Yes, Mr. Ho is a good friend. He has just started Bak Kut Teh there and it is pretty good too.

I've tried Chicking Eating House - not bad.
House of Annie said…
My coworker said the same thing about Big Mouth.

I heard about the bak kut teh stall. We'll be going to Klang in a couple of weeks for some real Klang BKT so not in a rush to go see Mr. Ho just yet.
House of Annie said…
Oh, have you tried Little Hainan at Bormill Estate?

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