Singapore 2011 - Jurong Bird Park

If you are with kids in Singapore, then Jurong Bird Park is one of the great places to visit. Not only is it educational, it is also quite enjoyable. Nestled in the industrial heartland of Singapore - Jurong, this is an unlikely place to locate a bird park. Once you get inside though, the beautifully kept gardens and the abundance of greenery makes you forget you are actually in a city.

My last visit to the Bird Park must have been more then 15 years ago. It has changed quite a bit since then - becoming a lot more commercialized like most things in Singapore. Parts of it feels like a theme park. Fortunately the birds are just as captivating to look at.

One of the biggest attractions at the Park is the Penguin Coast. The majestic mum and pop penguins and the cute baby penguins never fail to delight the young ones.

You can also catch an interesting bird show at the Pools Amphitheatre.

Some of the birds are kept in very large open aviaries. You can even feed the birds.

The Bird Park is not free - admission charge is SGD 18.00 for adults and SGD 12.00 for kids below 12. The easiest way to get to the Park is by taxi - it costs around SGD 28.00 from Raffles City. The other way is to use the MRT - take the East-West Line to Boon Lay Station and hop on a bus for the last short stretch.


I surely enjoyed my trip in Jurong Bird Part, educational and fun! Hope to visit this place again..

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