Penang 2013 - Snacks at Hong Kei Food Corner

One of the big dilemmas in Penang is filling your tummy with mediocre food just to find out that there is much better food down the road. To avoid such regrets - it is best to do your research before the visit. Luckily there are lots of guide books and blogs to help.

One of the places that is often recommended - but still a little bit obscure - is Hong Kei Food Corner on Lorong Kampung Malabar. Hong Kei used to be in another location and their specialty was pork porridge. Now that they have moved to the new location, the menu has diversified a bit. I was there for the Loh Bak.

The Loh Bak stall is right at the back. Just go up there to select the items that you want and they will deliver to you. Loh Bak actually refers to the meat roll wrapped in bean curd skin, but is it usually served with several other deep fried snacks. Here they have bean curds  topped with prawns, deep fried yam, sweet potatoes and spring rolls. Dipped in the spicy sauce, they make a very good snack.


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