Penang 2013 - BTB & Restaurant @ China House

BTB & Restaurant is right next door to the cafe in China House. It is a more up-market venue serving Western food with local twist. The decor is a bit less eclectic compared to the cafe side - it is more pared down with indigo blue walls and classic antique Chinese furniture. 

The menu is also quite pared down with just a few selections for Entree, Mains and Desserts. That is actually a welcome relieve compared to restaurants that put too many things on the menu.

The salad with baby shrimps was very interesting. The shrimps were deep fried until crispy and served with fresh greens and mayonnaise. It was an enjoyable starter.

For mains we order a Beef Fillet and Duck Cooked 2 Ways. The beef fillet was very tender and flavourful - complemented nicely by the potato puree and aoili. 

The Duck Two Ways was interesting - a contrast of Eastern and Western Style cooking. Both were nice, with the Eastern take having an edge due to the strong flavours from the herbs and spices.

We saved room for the cakes and ordered a plum cake and carrot cake. It was a great finish to the meal.


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