Penang 2013 - Dinner at Il Bacaro

For our last dinner in Penang, we decided to revisit Il Bacaro where we had a very nice meal during our last visit. Located on the ground floor of a stylish boutique hotel - Campbell House on Campbell Road - the decor is very nicely done in a modern Italian style and very cosy.

Il Bacaro is not just an Italian restaurant - but a Venetian restaurant. We were very happy to know that they serve Cicchetti - Venetian small bites. We ordered the Chef's Selection of 6 small dishes to try. These great small dishes included a tomato bruschetta, deep fried calamari, meatballs, omelette with shrimps, sauted clams in garlic and herbs, grilled veggies, and croquettes.It was a feast for the eyes and the senses.

For mains we had a Spaghetti with Gamberi and Zucchine (Prawns and Courgettes). This tasted really clean and fresh, with the sweetness coming from the fresh prawns and zucchini.

Four Seasons Pizza is not on the menu, but the chef happily obliged with this tasty creation. Unfortunately we were not able to finish this as we were already quite stuffed after the Cicchetti course and the pasta. We took half of it back to the hotel and had it for breakfast the next morning - and it was still good.

If you are in Penang, you owe it to yourself to head over to Il Bacaro. It could be one of your best meals on the island.


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