Rome 2013 - The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most popular and famous sights in Rome - made even more famous by Federico Fellini's film La Dolce Vita which features the voluptuous and seductive Anita Ekberg cavorting in the fountain. It is located in the Trevi District, not far from The Pantheon. One of the largest fountains in the city - it was designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi in the Baroque style. It is really beautiful and impressive and you can understand why there are hoards of tourist there any time of the day - which makes taking pictures a huge pain.

The huge crowd at the fountain.

Even late at night you can't escape the crowd. I can imagine in the 16th Century when the fountain was built - without TV, movies and shopping malls, the fountain would have provided great free entertainment for the lucky citizens who lived nearby. I wouldn't mind hanging out here every night.


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