Rome 2013 - Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is one of the most beautiful squares in Rome. The square was built on top of the Stadium of Domitian, built by Emperor Domitian in the 1st Century AD - which explains the long and oblong shape. In the centre of the square is one of the most impressive fountains in Rome - the Fountain of the Four rivers, designed by one of the great Italian artist and architect Bernini.

Facing the centre fountain is Sant'Agnese in Agone - a church designed by one of the main rivals of Bernini - Borromini. Though the work was attributed to Borromini - especially the main facade, many other architects were called in to work on the building. As a result the building reflects a mix of different architectural approaches. It is still an impressive building - especially the ornate interior which must have cost a fortune to execute. Visiting Europe - I am always amazed at how much money the clients and patrons were willing to lavish on the buildings, and how patient they were waiting for the buildings to take shape. Perhaps they did not have the distraction of super cars and Lear jets in those days.


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