Florence 2013 - Onward to Rome

From Florence we took another high speed train to Rome. Train travel in Europe is a bit like flying. You can book your tickets online, and usually the earlier you book the cheaper the tickets. Conveniently you can also book your seats online, and the tickets can be self-printed, saving you all the hassle of having to queue at the train station.

We had a pleasant surprise on our trip to Rome. I had unknowingly booked us on premium class, and the pricing was not much more then the normal fare. The premium cabin was much better then the standard cabin - nice chairs, leather upholstery, generous tables and leg room. There were also glass screens between groups of seats for greater privacy. It was a bit like business class on a flight except the chairs don't lie flat.

The scenery from Florence to Rome is quite nice. You travel through mostly farm land and occasionally see a picturesque hill town in the distance.


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