Venice 2013 - Venini Showroom in Murano

If you ever visit Murano, don't miss the Venini showroom. Venini is the most innovative and successful of the glass furnaces based in Murano, and produce really beautiful, world-class pieces through collaboration with some of the top designers and architects in the World. Some of the current collaborators include Tadao Ando, Mario Bellini and Massimiliano Fuksas.

Carlo Scarpa was one of the earliest artistic consultants engaged by Venini, and he has designed a large number of unique and beautiful pieces for Venini that are still in production today. The showroom in Murano was also designed by Scarpa.

I wish I had the budget and the luggage space to bring back some of these pieces. They are truly beautiful and worthy of collection. Having lost all my cash and credit cards in Milan I was in no position to acquire anything that cost more then 50 euros !

Unfortunately the showroom in Murano did not allow photos to be taken of the products, but there is another Venini showroom just next to Basilica San Marco that allows you to take pictures freely. Most of pictures below were taken in the San Marco showroom.


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