Venice 2013 - Burano

If you are planning to visit Murano, you might as well include Burano in your schedule. Burano is another island a bit further North of Murano. It is about 7km from Venice and also easily accessible by the water taxi service. 

As if to outdo Murano - the houses on Burano are painted in even brighter colours. It really is picture-postcard beautiful. The bright colours have attracted many artists who have become residents here.

I love it that they still hang their laundries out the windows to dry. Reminds me of the old days back home.

Burano is famous for its lace-making. There are many shops selling these local handicrafts. They do make nice souvenirs that are beautiful, light and easy to carry.


Cintia Soto said…
So nice Burano but a little bit expensive right?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Cintia. I didn't do any shopping there so don't know much about the pricing. ;)

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