Venice 2013 - Murano

Murano is a group of islands to the North of Venice. It is about 1.5 km away and easily accessible by the water taxis which ply the lagoon. Murano is well known for its glassware, but it is also a very beautiful destination in its own right. The residents of Murano like to paint their houses in bright colours, and somehow they also know how to select colours which complement each other - resulting in a setting that is very colourful and photogenic.

Like Venice, Murano is criss-crossed by canals - but the canals here are mostly much wider and offer beautiful vistas of the colourful houses.

Beautiful glass sculptures adorn some of the squares, reminding you of the artistic legacy of the islands.

Nothing beats sitting at the side of the canal, enjoying a cold bellini and a nice plate of pasta. Sadly we didn't have the time for that !


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