Venice 2013 - Fondazione Querini Stampalia

Another prominent work in Venice by Carlo Scarpa is the Querini Stampalia. Fondazione Querini Stampalia is a museum and cultural foundation founded in the 18th Century. It is housed in a Venetian Palazzo which you access from Campo Santa Maria Formosa. In the maze of Venice it can be difficult to find, so GPS is always handy.

In the 1960s Scarpa was commissioned to restore the ground floor and back garden of the building which were in very bad conditions. What he did was to transform the spaces and garden into one of the modern architectural masterpieces which is still much admired today.

Scarpa designed a bridge which connects the square to the ground floor space, but this is no longer used as the main entrance.

Scarpa's design seamlessly blend the old and the new, and his attention to detail and mastery of material and forms is truly impressive.

After moving through the space, you end up in the small garden that is again full of Scarpa's masterful touches.


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