Eating in Kuching - iChef Cuisine

Another week, another new restaurant in town ! Actually iChef Cusine has been around for a few months already, but it is new enough to still feel fresh. I drive pass it every day on the way to work, as it is along the main road. We usually wait until a new place has cooled down a bit before trying it out, and a couple of weeks ago we decided to finally check it out.

The restaurant is in a converted single-storey detached house. The house is quite small, but they have pitched some tents next to it to provide more dining space. As it was still early and the place was empty, we chose to sit inside the house which is air-conditioned. The space is expectedly small, but it was cosily decorated. 

The menu is mainly simple bistro food - pasta, steaks and grilled meat. We ordered some pastas and a pizza, with some garlic bread and onion rings to start off.

The garlic bread didn't have any taste of garlic at all - more liked buttered toasts. The onion rings were equally disappointing - with batter that was too thick and oily.

 The Spaghetti Bolognese looked nice enough, but the taste was a a bit bland.

Next came my Pasta Aglio Olio with seafood. The plating was quite sloppy. Though the taste was okay and the prawns quite fresh, the mussels were not in the best condition and tasted a bit past their prime.

The pizza fared a bit better - with proper salami and cheese.

There haven't been many reviews written about iChef, and what's out there seem to have good opinions about the place. Maybe it was an off night, or we ordered the wrong things, but I don't think we will be going back in a hurry.


Thanks for the writeup. I've been wondering about that place too, as I've heard some colleagues talking about it.

Funny thing, I was in the mood for pizza last night. Should have gone there, huh? Or maybe there's a better place for pizza in Kuching?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate. Beccari at Merdeka Palace Hotel has good pizza - they have a proper pizza oven - one of the few in Kuching.

I also like the pizzas at The Junk - very creative with their toppings and flavours.
barbaraK said…
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' BR ' Story said…
Where is the location pls....

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