Eating in Kuching 2012 - Bayridge Seafood Restaurant

Damai Beach finally has a new attraction - Damai Central. Built by the government, this is a resort-style multi-purpose complex which houses shops, cultural venues, food outlets and restaurants. Located right opposite the Damai Culture Village and right next to the sea - the place is still new and not fully occupied. Expect that to take a few years as things in Kuching usually move at snail's pace.

The reason we went there was to check out Bayridge Seafood Restaurant - the latest dining sensation in town. It is operated by the Lok Thian Group - one of the most established restaurant groups in Kuching, so you can expect a reasonable standard.

The restaurant occupies one of the most prominent corner of the Damai Central complex. The internal dining area is quite basic, and your best bet would be to take a table on the terrace which offers great views of Damai Beach. 

Nice views of the sea from the terrace.

Being a seafood restaurant, the dishes are what you would usually find at any seafood establishment in town. However if you decide to splurge they can also amp up the menu for you - but pre-arrangement is required.

The food was of a reasonable standard - though not outstanding. The Midin with Garlic was nicely cooked and crunchy.

 The Braised Tofu - a dish we always order for the kids.

The Buttered Prawns were way overcooked.

Crabs in Spicy Sauce. This was the best dish of the meal, unfortunately the crabs were a bit small.

 The Oyster Omelette was Crispy but there were too few oysters.

Dinner at the Bayridge Seafood was quite pleasant  especially when you are in a leisurely mood. Prices are not exactly cheap, but you are paying for the location.


Sherrie Pui said…
Damai Central! was wondering what food that place was serving whenever I drop by. hehe. thank you for sharing
We peeked in one day when we were at Damai Central. Besides the air conditioning, nothing else appealed about it.
sigit hermawan said…
thanks for sharing information,great blogs..
best regards :sigit
Petter Joe said…
Short but informative article. You wanted to describe your things in a short manner . Probably you are the successful one.Petter Joe
I've visited this restaurant and it was a good experience. Dishes were normal like other seafood restaurants but the thing I like the most was view from the restaurant of surroundings.

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