Eating in Kuching 2012 - Rock Road Seafood Restaurant

In Kuching we are still fortunate to be able to enjoy very good seafood at relatively reasonable prices. Though the variety can't compare to Kota Kinabalu, the quality and freshness of what we do get is usually pretty peachy.

You can find seafood restaurants almost anywhere in Kuching, but if you are looking for Halal outlets then there are really only 2 options - Top Spot Food Court right in town centre - or Rock Road Seafood. Rock Road Seafood has been around for a very long time, and they haven't changed much except the decor has been incrementally upgraded over the years. This is one of the most popular restaurants with our local political class, especially during the State Legislative Assembly Seatings. 

The ground floor of the restaurant is like a mini wet market. Here you can select the seafood and other items that you want, and let them know how you want the items to be cooked. You can also get them to weigh the items so you know exactly how much you will be paying - instead of getting a sticker shock later.

 We ordered the usual - starting with stir-fried midin with garlic. It was very good.

The Sweet Corn Soup was one of the best we've had - very tasty and with chunks of fresh crab meat.

 The Oyster Omelette was pretty standard - and with lots of oysters.

Buttered Prawns with Egg Floss - nicely done, with the prawns still tender and sweet.

The main reason we went there - Crabs in "Satay Sauce". This is one of their signature dishes, and it never disappoints. I don't know why the sauce is called  "Satay Sauce" because it doesn't taste anything like its namesake, but is sure is tasty. We picked two of the largest crabs they had - and they were both excellent - with lots of fresh, sweet meat inside the gigantic claws.

The food at Rock Road Seafood has steadily improved over the years. Today I would say they are one of the best seafood places in town, but you will be paying a bit  more then most other establishments. However since you get to actually pick the seafood yourself, you are getting what you pay for.


The crabs (or prawns) in satay sauce is the only reason to go there.

Because it is so popular, the prices are high and the service is slow.

I can brook high prices if the food is of high quality but I am not truly impressed enough with the food to want to go back for anything else.

The slowness of the staff and the kitchen leaves one wanting.
. said…
Looks very nice. I would like to taste it. Yesterday i had visited Mare Nostrum Restaurant. Believe me it serves great taste seafood.

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Petter Joe said…
Ah. Nice an attractive food. Thanks for sharing.
great job boos. You are really a good photographer and photo editor.Petter Joe
Good news for the us, no need to search sea foods, every things is available at your restaurant
O nice I like seafood's and this kind of restaurant, which provide best quality of seafood
Anonymous said…
Hi there
Where would you recommend a nice restaurant for a family gathering? Non-halal is good.
I was going to try Rock Road Seafood but after reading Annie's reply, I'm a little hesitant.

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