Eating in Kuching 2012 - Kim Joo Cafe

Kuchingite's appetite for "Kolon Mee" is insatiable and no matter how many kopitiams there are in town, there will always be the essential Kolon Mee stall somewhere. One of the oldest kolon mee stalwarts in Kuching, it is not far from another famous shop at Bishop's Gate Street, at the Eastern end of Carpenter Street. The name of the shop is Kim Joo Cafe, and they sell only one thing - the Kolon Mee. The good thing is they are usually not as busy as the other shop down the road where you famously have to wait for a table and then wait again for the noodles to be served.

While every one has their own personal favorites, in my view the Kolon Mee at Kim Joo is only second to the more famous shop - Min Joo. The style of  the Kolon is the same, and you normally order the Kolon Mee Kosong - which is just plain noodles tossed in oil, and a bowl of pork soup.

The noodles are cooked al dente - with a really nice bite. And because they are flavoured with a healthy slashing of pork lard with just a hint of vinegar, they are really delicious.

The pork soup also is no slouch. It is a very clear soup served with different cuts of pork, with various innards added for more interest. The soup is very clean tasting, and the pork slices very tender and flavourful.

Go to Min Joo Cafe if you want a taste of the best Kolon Mee in Kuching - but be prepared to wait up to an hour for it. Or you can just head down the road for the second best - or some say the best version of this defining Kuching delicacy.


The foods look really delicious...keep on posting!
Have heard about this place, even passed by but have not yet stopped in to try it. Second-best, huh?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate. You should give it a try.
louis said…
yes, we like eating at this place precisely because it has a more relaxing setting. However, it is a life enriching experiencing to eat in "style" at the other busier best kolomee place. The manner of this style is to be acquainted and acquired, believe you me. All the best. Louis.

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