Langkawi 2011 - Kampung Kuah

Kampung Kuah is the main town in Langkawi and out of curiosity I decided to make a trip there on the last morning of our Langkawi sojourn. It was like any other small town in Malaysia, with the ubiquitous shophouses and some small official buildings. The main reason for visiting Kampung Kuah would be to see the giant eagle statue at Dataran Helang. The eagle statue is around 12m high and would be the first thing you see if you arrive in Langkawi via the ferry.

Kampung Kuah - a sleepy small town with not much to offer.

The main attraction - Dataran Helang.

The famous eagle statue of Langkawi.

 The view from Langkawi Jetty.

If you don't have the time, you wouldn't miss much if you decided to skip Kampung Kuah. There's not much to see beside the eagle, and even the ocean view here is not as nice as elsewhere on the island.


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