Langkawi 2011 - Bon Ton Resort

There were a number of resorts I wanted to visit in Langkawi, and Bon Ton was one of them. Developed and owned by expat Narelle McMurtrie, this is not your typical holiday accommodation. It is a collection of traditional wooden houses which she has collected and painstakingly rebuilt in this little piece of paradise on Langkawi island. The setting is beautiful - with great views of expansive grassland and coconut trees. The houses are all prime examples of Malay architecture.

There are only 8 villas on this property. Though the location is listed as Pantai Cenang, the resort itself is quite far from the beach. However that is not a problem it has its own beautiful swimming pool, and the setting is so nice that I don't think you will miss the beach much. Staying here is like staying in a Malay kampung where you can truly relax. This resort is definitely one of the most unique in Langkawi.


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