Langkawi 2011 - The Datai

The Datai is probably the most renown luxury resort in Langkawi. Located at Datai Bay with spectacular views of the Andaman Sea, the resort is also surrounded by a beautiful tropical forest. Datai Bay is quite remote and a long drive from the normal resort enclave at Pantai Cenang. However the drive is quite scenic and pleasant, except the last stretch where you are driving on quite narrow and windy roads up the side of the mountain.

The resort was designed by famous Australian resort architect Kelly Hill, and bears all his hallmarks of understated elegance. Capitalizing on the hilly location, the buildings are chased into the hills and surrounded by trees. Overall there is an "Aman Resort" ambiance to the place. It is not surprising as the resort is managed by GHM which is chaired by Aman founder Adrian Zecha.

The rooms are accommodated in long blocks cut into the hills. There are also villas but they are not visible from the lobby areas.

The famous view of the main pool, beyond which is the Andaman Sea.

If you have the budget The Datai is without a doubt one of the best stays in Langkawi. Not only is the resort design beautiful, the location stunning, and the service should be up to the usual high Aman standards.


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