Langkawi 2011 - The Andaman Resort

The Andaman Resort is near The Datai and shares the same beach fronting the Andaman Sea. Unlike The Datai which is an exclusive luxury resort, The Andaman is a 5-star resort geared towards tourists and families.

The buildings looked nice enough in photos, but in real life lack finese and charm.

Its best feature is the really large and impressive leisure pool right next to the beach.

The resort, being so remote from the rest of Langkawi Island, also has exclusive access to the beautiful beach.

The Andaman Resort is not cheap, and is quite far from the rest of the tourist spots on the island. Its redeeming feature is the impressive leisure pool and the private beach. If you want quiet and exclusivity, this is your resort.


Kimura said…
Cool photo that you have ^^
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