Pattaya 2011 - Pattaya Hilton

The brand new Pattaya Hilton just opened its doors end of 2010. If you are a hotel buff like me, you should put this on your must-visit list. This property is truly outstanding and unlike any other Hilton properties I have visited.

Designed by Department of Architecture - an established Thai architectural practice, the architectural and interior style is very imaginative and unique. The moment you enter the lobby your eyes are drawn to the soft fabric sheets lining the entire ceiling. They look like rippling ocean waves, and are accentuated further by concealed lighting and soft movements imparted by the air-conditioning. This clever design theme draw your eyes towards the ocean view at the end of the lobby.

The beautiful reception lobby.

The lobby lounge has some very nice whimsical design touches. Can you spot the big sea creature with its mouth wide open ?

Outside the lounge is a roof deck which offers truly spectacular views of Pattaya Beach. Sitting here with a cool drink enjoying the million dollar view is one of those things which you travel thousands of miles for.

If you are going to Pattaya and don't mind splashing out on accommodation - make this your first choice. You won't regret it.


Takie Reyes said…
Such a wonderful place perfect for vacation, thank your for sharing it's really good.

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Gorgeous shots of that restaurant. Looks like a scrumptious place and like you're having a fun vacation.

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