Kuala Lumpur 2012 - Lunch at La Lot

La Lot is a vietnamese restaurant located at the top floor F&B zone of The Pavilion. The main signage says “by Du Viet”, which is a restaurant group in KL specializing in Vietnamese food. I have not tried any of their outlets before, so this is my first taste of an outlet under the group.


Ever since I had my first taste of Pho - I have fallen in love with it and can't resist ordering the dish at every Vietnamese restaurant. So I ordered their “Pho Bo Dat Biet” - Special Beef Noodle Soup. I also ordered their Bahn Xeo for a try.

The Bahn Xeo came first and it was a bit of a surprise. The Bahn Xeo I had in Vietnam was like egg crepe with savoury fillings. Here they have changed the dish - the filling is the same but the crepe itself has become a fluffy crispy pancake. I liked the texture of the crepe - it was very light and flaky. However the savoury filling lacked flavour - and even after adding the sauce it was still a bit dull. The pickled carrots saved it a little bit by adding some sourish bite.

 When the Pho came, I could see from the colour of the soup that I was going to be disappointed. It was so watered down - just not enough rich flavour of beef to satisfy the palete. The beef slices and chunks were tender enough - but they needed a good chili sauce to really shine. The chili sauce they served on the side was just too mediocre to do the job.


 So a little bit disappointed, but I would still go back to try their other items. The restaurant itself feels cozy enough, and there were some interesting looking dishes on the menu.


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