Kuala Lumpur 2012 - Chinese New Year Decor at The Pavilion KL

I always look forward to the festive decoration at The Pavilion KL. They do make an effort to impress, and this year they have outdone themselves with the CNY decor. 

At the main entrance.

 Royal Selangor has an interesting dragon decor on their facade.

The highlight is the huge dragon in the atrium. This is the biggest dragon I have ever seen, and I am not surprised if it breaks the World Record ! The dragon was made by a Malaysian lion dance sifu and his workshop - well done ! The whole thing was artfully suspended in the atrium making graceful loops in the huge space. It is certainly impressive.

The CNY Bazaar was unfortunately not as impressive as the decor. There were only a few stalls - and really not much to look at.

I also popped in to Suria KLCC and Sungei Wang Plaza to look at their efforts. Both paled in comparison to the Pavilion.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and Blog Readers ! Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous Dragon Year !


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