Pattaya 2011 - Centara Grand Resort

Centara Grand Resort is one of those resorts that thinks of itself as a theme park. The Sun City in South Africa was one of the earliest models which has been copied all over - including countless casino hotels in Las Vegas and Macau. Our own Sunway Lagoon Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is cast from the same mould. A whole fantasy environment is created around an invented back-story or legend, providing the fictional background for the design. Here at Centara Grand, the theme seems to be centred around elephants.

The resort is basically 2 hotel blocks connected by a common lobby. The pool facing the ocean is the main attraction, and no expenses have been spared to create an impressive spectacle for the guests.

The entrance lobby uses a lot of bamboo and recycled timber.

The large and impressive pool area.

The Centara Grand Resort is not really my cup of tea, but if you are on a holiday with kids I am sure they will be thrilled staying at a place like this - and you wouldn't even need to leave the resort !


Pooja said…
Seems like a great place for holidaying. Will definitely plan a trip to it this place soon. Thanks for sharing this post.
stephenCollines said…
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Wow I love how that place was set up. Centara Grand Resort really does look like a theme park. It will be great to spend a week there.
This is simply great and definitely somewhere to take the family and never run out of fun things to do. I love the timber-lined hallway - it kind of sends the message that this resort is not afraid to take things in large scales.

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