Pattaya 2011 - Sheraton Pattaya

Sheraton Pattaya is one of the iconic resorts in Pattaya that has remained on top of their game since it opened in 2005. It is still considered one of the best stays in Pattaya and consistently winning awards in travel magazines. The design is a fusion of Oriental and Classical styles - which the designers have blended seamlessly into a pleasing pallete of unique details and architectural expressions.

The resort sits in a large lushly landscaped compound. The rooms are mostly in 2 or 3-storey blocks with open balconies looking onto the Gulf of Siam. Like most Asian resorts, landscape is a large part of the experience and here the gardens are meticulously kept.

The beautiful lagoon pool.

The private white sand beach.

Rates are the Sheraton Pattaya are quite high, however if you travel during the low season you may be able to get some bargains.


Pooja said…
I would like to stay there for my holidays. Seems like a very peaceful place for holidaying.

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