Pattaya 2011 - Dinner at Ruen Thai Restaurant

There are plenty of restaurants in Pattaya, but surprisingly for such an established resort destination - very few that can be considered destination restaurants. A search on the internet will return mostly seafood places and some nondescript Western eateries.

Having given up on searching for a memorable food experience in Pattaya, I decided to just go with the flow. While walking down Sai 2, I came across this charming looking Thai restaurant. It is housed in several Thai-style teak buildings, and there is a central courtyard where traditional performances are presented nightly. Quite happy with the find, I settled down to enjoy the food.

Since they had a Northern Thai Appetizer Platter - I had to oder it. It came with 3 types of Chiang Mai sausages and some deep fried pork strips. Very good!

The Thai seafood salad was a bit disappointing. More like fish ball salad.

Some stirfried veggies to round out the meal.

The food at Ruen Thai is nothing to shout about, but the ambiance and live cultural performance was quite nice. I would go back.


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