Pattaya 2011 - Lunch at Sheraton Pattaya

There are 3 main dining options at the Sheraton Pattaya - Latitude Lounge - a beach side bar lounge serving a gourmet tapas menu, Infiniti - a casual cafe serving mainly Mediterranean cuisine, and Elements - the main restaurant serving Western, Asian and Thai cuisine. I settled on Elements which has a beautiful interior decor and views of the sea from its elevated vantage point in the resort.

I was a bit early for lunch, but still quite surprised there were so few people in the restaurant for such a large resort. Maybe everyone was still in their beds after partying at Walking Street.

I ordered a Pad Thai. It was very good, and came with 3 large river prawns.

The Chicken Tom Yam was quite mild but very delicious. You can taste the freshness of all the herbs and spices.

Prices at Elements are as you would expect - International. Definitely not cheap by Thai standards. But you do get very fresh ingredients and very good food. And the ambiance is the major part of the deal.


Mirelon D said…
The food looks delicious. Hope taste that foods or ill travel around tourist spots in the Philippines | top tourist destination in the Philippines to enjoy and eat a lot.

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