Pattaya 2011 - Pattaya Town

For a matured tourist destination, it is great to see that Pattaya has managed to retain its small town character. Buildings here are mostly low rise. Though there are now quite a number of taller buildings in the town centre - they are rarely over 15 storeys tall.

Pattaya Town is also quite a pedestrian friendly town. The roads are mostly 2 lane, and there are usually sidewalks for pedestrians. Unlike Bangkok where the sidewalks are often occupied by countless roadside vendors, here they are relatively uncluttered. Traffic is also not as heavy as in the big city. Somehow there is a seaside vibe that you can feel the minute you arrive.

Like most places in Thailand, the Songthaew is the cheapest and most convenient way to get around.

The streets are full of shops selling everything under the sky. Here they are not as obtrusive as in some parts of Bangkok.

View of Pattaya Town from the Pattaya View Point on Buddha Hill. It is quite spread out. The population here range from 200,000 to 500,000 - depending on where you get the figures.


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