Singapore 2011 - Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

One of the latest additions to the Singapore tourist map is Marina Bay Sands (MBS) - the “Integrated Resort” which offers shopping, conference facilities, accommodation and gambling under one roof. Situated at Marina Bay, it couldn’t have occupied a more prominent location. The iconic design and scale of the building also makes it very visible. My kids actually asked me what was a ship doing on top of the buildings. If you ask me, I don't think that "ship" is very well integrated into the rest of the buildings.

Not being a gambler myself, we were only there to checkout the building and the shopping. From Marina Bay, you walk through the “Helix Bridge” to reach the resort. This “Helix Bridge” is another engineering marvel. Constructed entirely out of stainless steel, the structure twists and turns in 360 degrees. The views from here are quite spectacular.

The shopping mall at the podium is probably one of the biggest in Singapore at the moment. It is definitely premium brands only.

Many big names in the gastronomic world have opened up at the MBS. DB Bistro Moderne by Daniel Boulud, Mozza by Mario Batali and Cut by Wolfgang Puck are here. If that's not enough, there's also Guy Savoy, Hide Yamamoto, Santi Santamaria (who incidentally passed away while working in his Singapore restaurant this year), Waku Ghin by Tetsuya and many more. This is definitely a gastronomic heaven by any standard !

The Architect for MBS is Moshe Safdie - a Canadian architect famous for his design of Habitat 67 - a cutting edge residential prototype which was a part of the 1967 Montreal World Expo. He has also designed may other notable projects around the World. The Marina Bay Sands has the same monumental scale as some of his other projects, but somehow feels a bit lacking in terms of the fine details. It lacks a certain soul, and can only be seen as as a temple to consumerism.


Unknown said…
Singapore is one of the best well planned city in the world. This blog gives some highlights of it with pictures.

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The Helix Bridge is definitely an engineering marvel.

I think your insight about the "lack of soul" and "temple to consumerism" are spot-on.
I like the view of Helix Marina Bridge especially at night, the view is really amazing. One of the best place to shot in Singapore.
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