Hong Kong 2010 - Disneyland Part I

Our trip to Hong Kong was actually more for the kids, and HK Disneyland was of course on the top of our list. HK Disneyland is located at Penny's Bay on Lantau Island, not far from the Chek Lap Kok International Airport. From Kowloon you can take the MRT to Sunny Bay Station, and from here there is a dedicated line to Disneyland. This would be the cheapest and most convenient to get there.

The kids were understandably excited when we reach the Disney station. From there onwards it was a total immersion in the Disney experience. Everything is based on some Disney cartoon character or movie.

Like other Disneylands around the World, the HK Disneyland is modeled after the mothership in Orlando, except that the Hong Kong one is one of the smallest. You have the Main Street, the Disney Castle, and 4 themed areas.

Luckily on the day of our visit the weather was very good - sunny but not too hot. We headed for the Castle first, enjoyed a very nice 4D movie in the theatre and the Cinderella merry-go-round. There were queues at most of the attractions but not too bad.

Once you enter the Theme Park – the Fantasy Element kicks in. You feel like you are in the middle of a fairytale European town, or maybe more like a stage set ?

The Disneyland Station.

The Magic Kingdom beckons.

The Main Street. The shops and restaurants are mostly clustered here.


Norris Thomas said…
nice photos...best kalau i ada kat situ
Borneoboy said…
Hi Norris. Thanks !

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