Hong Kong 2010 - Dim Sum at Tao Heung 88 Restaurant

Tao Heung 88 Restaurant is just round the corner from Nathan Hotel on Nathan Road. It is part of the Tao Heung Restaurant Group which operates many restaurants around Hong Kong. We heard that the dim sum here is not bad, and it turned out to be better then Maxim's at half the price.

The restaurant decor is modern, and has an open kitchen where you can see the dim sums being prepared. Unlike many Hong Kong restaurants which can be very crowded, this place is quite spacious and there weren't too many people. You order the dim sum on the order chits and wait for them to be served.

The famous Polo Bun with char siew filling.

Sio Loong Pao - these were quite good with a pork filling oozing with sweet pork juice.

Har Kaos (Prawn Dumplings) - quite ordinary. The skin was a bit too thick.

Deepfried Fishballs. More for the kids.

Prawn and Corn Fritters - very nice.

Panfried Radish Cakes. Better then average.

Shallot Pancake with Dried Shrimps. There were really lovely.

Cheong Fun with Minced Pork filling. Very nice.

Dim sum at Tao Heung was very enjoyable and not too pricey. Definitely recommended.


That's a lot of food. Did you manage to finish them all? I bet they are better than Murni's.
Borneoboy said…
Yes we did finish them all ! I wouldn't say better, but different. How's things in Bali ?

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