Shanghai World Expo 2010 - Expo Performances

Besides the Pavilions, there are also many cultural events at the Expo. Many of these have been brought in specially by the participating countries. Pick up a copy of the Events Programme at the Expo Axis to find out the events of the day and mark down the times and venue. The venues can be quite far from where you are so make sure you allow plenty of time to get there or you may just miss the show !

I chanced upon this Chinese Acrobatic Opera performance near the Performing Arts Centre. It was really colourful and entertaining.

Exotic Thai dancers at the entrance to the Thai Pavilion.

A Sound and Puppet show outside the Poland Pavilion.

An excellent jazz band performing at the Australian Pavilion.

A Japanese Choir made up of mostly senior citizens.

Remember - the Expo is not just about buildings and exhibits, but also about people and culture. So don't forget to catch some of these great performances while you are there.


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