Eating in Shanghai - Shanghai Spring Restaurant

Our tour came with some of the meals included in the package. Usually you don’t expect much from these pre-arranged meals, especially in China. This time we were pleasantly surprised.

On the 2nd day after our tour of the Pudong side, we were taken to a Shanghainese Restaurant inside the Super Brand Mall – one of the poshest shopping centres in Shanghai. The mall is huge – with many levels connected by a full-height atrium. The restaurant is at the top floor of the mall and it took us a while to get there going up endless flights of escalators. Strangely, the lifts did not go to the restaurant floor.

The restaurant is called Shanghai Spring. It has several main dining areas, and many private rooms. The décor was quite classy and upscale. If the food turned out as good as the décor, we were in for a treat - and we were not disappointed. This turned out to be one of our best packaged meals in Shanghai.

Friendly reception staff.

A Shanghainese meal normally starts with mini-courses of cold appetizers, and here there were many. We went through what we thought were almost half of all the courses, and only then the main courses started to arrive. What a feast !

The cold appetizers. Braised tofu.

Drunken chicken.

Fried local fish. The meat is a bit bland and dry, but the skin has a nice texture.

Stewed duck's tongues. A dish eaten mainly for the texture - crunchy and chewy.

Lotus root with lotus seeds. This one is sweet instead of savoury - a nice change.

The main courses were a combination of heavy and light dishes. First dish was a stewed pork leg with wood fungus and bok choi.

Sweet corn, green beans and pine nuts - a refreshing break between the heavy meat dishes, and interesting combination of crunchy textures.

Silky tofu with crab meat and roe. Very delicious ! The richness of the crab is nicely balanced by the tofu.

Stir fried bamboo shoots with spinach.

The famous "Hong Sao Rou" - here it is not as good as the excellent version at Fu 1088.

Lamb chops with pepper sauce. Nice.

Another refreshing dish - fish soup with local herbs.

Shanghainese "La Mien" with vinegar. It is eaten with a spicy chili sauce - always a great combination. The chili and vinegar help to cut through the oiliness of the noodles.

Sio Loong Bao - though good, these are not as great as the Nan Xiang Sio Loong Bao. You can see that the skin is quite thick, whereas the Nan Xiang skin is translucent.

The only desert of the meal - sesame seed balls (Jian Dui) with a red bean filling.

This restaurant also has a hidden feature which you don't see from inside - there is a roof deck offering spectacular views of The Bund.

If you are looking for a place in Shanghai for a great Shanghainese meal, I would highly recommend Shanghai Spring Restaurant. Come during lunch and you can also catch great views of The Bund.


Danny Riddell said…
The view from the window must be breath-taking, since it's on the top floor of the mall. Anyway, the restaurant's ambiance is pretty good. And I am curious of the taste of "Stewed Ducks; Tongue"! At first, I thought it was a vegetable or something.

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