Shanghai 2010 - First Breakfast

In order to save time, we took the red eye flight to Shanghai from Kuala Lumpur. When we arrived it was only 7:00 a.m. All the local businesses were still closed. As the in-flight service on MAS was a bit lacking, most of us were feeling quite famished. We ended up in a hotel hear the airport for the buffet breakfast.

The place was a typical state-run hotel mainly for the local business crowd. There was quite a large selection of breakfast items, though the quality was a bit dubious. I decided to stick with the simpler fare, and most of them were not bad - especially the bacon !

On the plate - savoury pan cake, sweet bun, deep-fried soft bun, sauteed vegies, char siew and bacon.


Norris said…
nice the buildings
Ang moh might find this a little too much in the morning lol
Borneoboy said…
Ya, especially the stewed pork and lamb. I avoided those ! The buns were nice.

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