Shanghai World Expo 2010 - The Asian Pavilions Part II

In Part II of my post on the Asian pavilions, we move closer to home. First up is Taiwan Pavilion. I am not sure what it represents - it looks like a slightly weird office building. On one side is a huge glass-covered structure which contains a globe-shaped LCD screen. I think the effect would be better at night.

The Singapore Pavilion looks like a huge metal drum with spikes sticking out from the sides. Again it is difficult to work out the concepts behind the design - as it bears no visual connection to Singapore, and the form doesn't seem to follow any particular function. Is it a a gun turret, or a missile silo for Dr. Strangelove ? Still it was quite dramatic to look at.

Finally we come to the Malaysia Pavilion. Frankly I was a bit disappointed. This was our moment to shine, and we could only trot out the tired old Minangkabau Roof. It looked more like a Tourism Malaysia project - and it probably was. The only saving grace was the beautiful batik painting on the roof - which were hand-painted by several batik artists from Malaysia. Better effort next time - Malaysia !


Very Visit Malaysia Year circa 1990s :(
my email add is let me know when in July.
Kong-Kay said…
M'sian pavilion looks more like International House Of Pancakes!
Irene said…
Indeed, Malaysia's one very disappointing when I saw it in newspapers.
Anonymous said…
you felt disappointed i felt embarrassed

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