Shanghai - The Bund

Shanghainese call The Bund "Waitan" - literally outer bund, as it was once territories occupied by the outsiders - British, Americans and later on also the French. This stretch of Shanghai is the most popular tourist attraction, and have been featured in countless articles and photographs. However, getting the actual feel of it on the ground is something else. The beauty and scale of the buildings, the majestic Huangpu river, and the Pudong skyline all combine to make this one of the most spectacular cityscapes in the world. Head to the New Heights - a bar and restaurant at 3 on the Bund, and you will get one of the best views of The Bund.

Located on the west bank of the Huangpu River, The Bund is about 1 mile long, stretching from Yan'an Road to Waidaidu Bridge. The main part of The Bund is along Zhongsan Dong Lu, named after Dr Sun Yat-sen. Along this road, the British, Americans and other foreign forces built their banks, hotels, consulates and trading houses. This collection of handsome European style buildings are now an invaluable architectural heritage of Shanghai.

The beautiful Waitan.

View from the New Heights at 3 on The Bund.

View of Pudong skyline from The Bund.

You really need to visit The Bund at least twice during your trip to Shanghai - once during the day to see the beauty and detail of the architecture, and another during the evening to see the buildings in the full golden splendour of the floodlights.


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