Macau - Food Street at Taipa Village

The famous food street at Taipa Village is along Rua do Cunha which is almost right in the middle of the heritage area. At one end of the street is the town square, and at the other end a small plaza surrounded by old shophouses.

Along this short and narrow street there is a dizzying array of restaurants and snack shops. There are Chinese, Cantonese, Portuguese, Italian, French and even Korean food for you to choose from. The snack shops are similar to the ones on Macau Peninsula, with many of the same familiar names represented here. If you have done your shopping already, you can avoid these. However don’t miss the dessert shops for their delicious jellies and ice cream. Many Bloggers vouch for their durian ice cream, but for me durian is best eaten fresh from the shell so I gave it a miss. Their coconut ice cream was really great !

The fish ball shops are also very popular. In Malaysia these are called “Lok Lok” shops which sells all kind of things on skewers which are blanched in hot water and served with a chili or sweet sauce. Here the selections are mainly different kinds of fishballs. These are blanched and then put into a cup, drizzled with some oily savoury sauce. They are quite nice for a quick snack.


enricomaray said…
Hello there! i have been to macao and i love the taste of different kinds of balls (fish,pork,beef) with sweet sauce. can give me recipes of these foods. I would like to try to cook it and have it taste by my family. Thnks

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