Shanghai World Expo 2010 - The Asian Pavilions Part I

The Shanghai World Expo is more about design pyrotechnics then technological innovation. Most countries who are serious about their participation have pulled out all the stops to create show-stopping pavilions which look stunning from the outside.

Here I would like to share with you my pictures of some of the Asian pavilions.

India Pavilion. It has a beautiful planted dome. The planning and form is quite Classical - kind of like a temple.

The Nepal Pavilion. Quite intricate and exotic. The open dome-shaped structure in the middle is very interesting.

The Thai Pavilion. It looked just like a Thai Palace. Exotic dancers entertain the crowd while they wait to enter the pavilion.

Now for something completely different. The Japan Pavilion. The Aliens have landed ! The pavilion is covered in ETFE - a high-tech plastic. It is given a pinkish hue which makes the whole building look a bit organic. Looks like it came right out of the pages of an anime - strangely fitting for a Japan Pavilion.


Lyndsey said…
Great photos, it's looks like a good time!
The India dome is very beautiful!

What makes this ETFE plastic so special?
Hoo said…
India pavilion is one of my favorite. But didn't see your comments about Saudi Arabia, the pavilion need a long and long queue

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