Beijing 2009 - Tiananmen Square

June 2009 marked the 20th anniversary of the Tianamen massacre in Beijing. It's hard to believe that this happened 20 years ago. Memories of it still seem fresh. It was such a pivotal moment in China's history.

Tianamen Square is right in the centre of Beijing. It occupies an area of around 100 acres. On the northen end is the Tianamen or "Gate of Heavenly Peace" which separates the square from the Forbidden City. In  the centre is the Monument to the People's Heroes, and at the southern end is the Zhengyangmen Gate - first built in 1419.

The famous Tianamen in the north.

The Zhengyangmen Gate in the south.

Standing in the middle of the square, I tried to imagine what it must have been like during the protests, when 1 million people showed up to mourn the death of Hu Yaobang - a pro-reform, pro-democracy and anti-corruption official. 

The Heroes Monument in the centre of the Square.

Signs of authority are never far away.


Tiananmen Square is an interesting place to visit because of historical significance. This place is super HUGE and it can be excruciating in summer.

Meanwhile, I have a new article about the ATMOSTFEAR.
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