Beijing 2009 - First Breakfast

After a long and sleepless red-eye flight from Kuala Lumpur and arriving at 6.00 a.m., what I wanted most was a good breakfast. We were taken to a restaurant serving Beijing Style dim sum. The restaurant looked quite opulent outside. Inside it also tries to look classy, but is flaying around the edges. At the entrance you can see many photos of celebrities who have visited the restaurant. 

A number of items came out, and to my surprise they were all quite good. The best item was undoubtly the deepfried dough fritters - "Yew Cha Kuah". Unlike the Malaysian version which are smaller and has a crunchy texture - these are soft and fluffy, and very rasty. They go very well with the pork porridge with century eggs, another great item. Either the porridge was very good or we were all very hungry - we had to ask for seconds !

These are steamed buns with lotus paste filling. The taste is quite typical, but the skin is perfectly done.

Steamed chive dumplings.

A steamed cake with raisings which is very similar to the Malaysian steamed egg cake - "Kueh Nee Gor". I am usually not a big fan of this type of cake, but the texture seemed to be just right.

One item I have not seen before is this water chestnut jelly. It is sweet and has a gelatinous texture. Quite good really.

That was a good start for our trip. I was looking forward to more culinary adventures in Beijing. 


Pegs said…
out of the whole lot, i like the porridge the best
Anonymous said…
The water chestnut jelly is like our agar-agar?!
Tan.wiratchada said…
You luckily visiting Beijing, I want to go for sometime also. I love all Chinese dishes. Hot and soft! Dim Sum is YUMMM...;)
angie said…
I stumbled upon your blog when researching for our trip to Beijing, Shanghai and Xian this coming December.
I'd just like to say thanks for sharing your travelogue to Beijing and Shanghai :)

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