Beijing 2009 - Hotel Kapok

Hotel Kapok is a modern boutique hotel located at Donghuameng Street, a main commercial street towards the Eastern side of the Forbidden City. It is one of the new generation of Beijing hotels which are design-focused, offering something different from the typical 4 or 5 star hotels.

Designed by Beijing architect Studio Pei-Zhu, the external facade of the building is inspired by the Chinese lantern. It is a screen which covers the entire facade of the building, made of fibre-glass. Translucent and jade-like in colour, the screen catches the sun and produce a shimmering effect when viewed at different angles.

Inside the hotel the design is very modern and contemporary, with a bamboo courtyard providing lighting to the centre of the building. There is a "staircase library" where guests can read and relax. 

The hotel exterior.

The lobby and courtyard.

The reading corner.

The "staircase library".


Fine Life Folk said…
Those reading corners look so fab!

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