Beijing 2009 - Beijing Food Part II

Some more dishes from our Beijing Trip. 

These were deepfried prawns garnished with some fried seaweed. The prawns were way too small, however the seaweed were quite alright as a snack.

A familiar dish - stewed pork belly with preserved Chinese mustard. The taste is very similar to what we get in Malaysia, except here the pork belly is really what it's supposed to be - 70% fat ! Get your arteries primed before you take on this dish.

Deepfried meatballs - spicy and quite yummy.

Stirfried black fungus with lotus roots. I always like lotus roots which have a nice crunch, and the soft fungus provide a nice contrast. The Chinese sausages gave it some additional depth of flavour.

Stirfried tanghung with an egg blanket - this was way too salty. Even the egg blanket couldn't balance out the flavour.

One of my favourite dish on the trip - these are pork strips with a salty and sweet bean paste served on cucumber strips. The savoury pork blends very well with the crunchy cucumber, resulting in a very satisfying hot and cold combination.

Another familiar dish - deepfried tofu simply dressed with a soy based sauce. Quite ordinary.

Stirfried vegetable and pork cubes. This dish is all about the texture.

Spinach with egg, very simple and a good companion to the more heavy dishes.


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