Melbourne Architecture - Crown Casino

The Crown Casino Complex on Southbank was open in 1997. It injected a bit of life into an otherwise sedate Melbourne, though Melbournians may beg to differ. Attracting 16 million visitors a year, it has become the most popular destination in Victoria.

Designwise the complex is quite well done. It managed to avoid the usually gaudy casino architecture as in Vegas and Macau. Overall it is modern and cosmopolitan,and the most striking part of the complex is the Crown Towers Hotel. The oval-shaped tower is very elegant, and the variation in facade treatment from the lower to the upper levels creates visual interest and sophistication.

Besides the Casino which is the main attraction for most visitors, there are many shops, entertainment outlets, restaurants and cafes. The river promenade along Southbank is one of the nicest walks in Melbourne. Sitting in a cafe overlooking the Yarra River during sunset is one of the great pleasures to be had here.

The Southbank Promenade. One of the best places to spend a lazy afternoon in Melbourne.

Food. An important ingredient in any entertainment complex. International celebrity chef Nobu has also opened a restaurant here, so has famous Aussie Chef Neil Perry with his Rockpool Bar & Grill.

Slabs of premium beef being dry-aged.

A mouth-watering pastry shop.


Chile Vacations said…
Beautiful architecture and beautiful food. The food in the pastry shop is mouth watering.
Borneoboy said…
The dining option at Crown Casino is great. They tend to be a bit pricey though. I guess you have to pay for the ambience !
Olya Olegovna said…
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