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Interesting food places are cropping up in Kuching, and some tend to fly under the radar due to lack of publicity. It is quite strange, but most of the food businesses in Kuching don't seem to advertise at all. It is a wonder that people actually partonize these places. 

I found out about Sharing Planet from a fellow Kuching food blogger. It is a cafe that is hidden away in one of the inner suburbs of Kuching, quite difficult to find without specific directions. The cafe is basically a rustic hut located in an empty lot next to a detached house. The building is very simple and simply decorated, but it's a nice change from the typical coffee shop. 

Sharing Planet serves simple Western food such as steaks, lamb chops and fish & chips.  The pricing is affordable, but don't expect first rate quality. The cooking is generally quite competent, the chefs managing to coax out reasonable flavours from the cut-rate ingredients.

For the kids we ordered some cocktail sausages and fried chicken wings. Generally OK.

The mushroom soup - though not much of a looker, was surprisingly tasty and filled with chunky bits of mushrooms. 

The mixed grilled platter was a nice choice for 2 persons. It came with grilled fish, chicken, beef steak, lamb chops and some sausages. All the items were reasonably tasty considering the price.

This interesting cafe offers a nice break from the usual places in town. The food is affordable and not bad. Definitely worth a visit. Check out this Blog for directions. 

Sharing Planet


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