Eating in Kuching - Mr. Ho's Fine Foods

Mr. Ho's Fine Foods Kuching is a branch of the mothership at Bangsar Shopping Centre KL. It is located at ground floor, Crown Square Shopping Centre at Jalan Pending. 

Before I go any further, a little disclaimer - I own a teeny-weeny bit of equity in this outlet, and had a hand in the concept and design. However, my views will be impartial as always. That said, let me go ahead and point out that Mr. Ho's Fines Foods is one of the best places to lunch in Kuching. 

MHFF specializes in sausages, roast pork, pasta and salad. It is non-halal. The menu is limited, but whatever is there is done to a reasonable standard.

The ambience is relaxed and casual. Sharing is encouraged, as many of the dishes come in big portions. The best way to dine here is to order a selection of pasta, salads, sausages, mixed grill and share.

The pasta here is not necessarily top-notch, but won't leave you disappointed either. The aglio olio is very good - clean simple taste with garlic and chili flakes. My favourite is the pasta with Asian pesto. The sauce is made with fresh coriander, and the pasta tossed with generous amount of pancetta topped with parmesan cheese. Really delicious.

Another favourite is the pork steak. The special cut pork chop is grilled and served with a creamy white sauce. It is always tender, juicy and flavourful.

For salad, order the warm walnut salad with bacon. Tossed with a balsamic dressing and chunky bits of walnuts and parmesan cheese, this salad is refreshing accompaniment for the meat dishes.

If you are dining with 3 or 4 persons, order the mini-family platter. This is enough for 4 persons, and comes with half a pork knuckle, roast pork, pork ribs, roast chicken and sausages. Besides the roast chicken which is usually so-so, the rest of the items are all delicious.

MHFF is a place for meat-lovers and those who like to share. A meal here is usually satisfying, and wouldn't leave too big a hole in your pocket.


FaDLi said…
the food seem nice... but unfortunately its non-halal....
Borneoboy said…
Hi FaDli. Sorry about the non-halal part. There are other food outlets at Crown Square like the Japanese Restaurant which is quite good. There is also an Indonesian Restaurant with fairly authentic Indonesian food.
Ch3rry said…
May I know the price for the crispy pork? I heard its nice. Is it enough for 2?

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