Eating in Kuching - Buffet Dinner at Hilton

Kuching is not such a great place for buffet lovers. Though most of the major hotels here do serve buffet lunch and dinner, the majority of them are not very good. Kuching Hilton is one of the exceptions. 

The main coffee house - Waterfront Cafe, is located one level below the lobby floor. From here you get a beautiful view of the Kuching waterfront. The cafe has quite a varied menu. You can order anything from pasta, steaks to nasi goreng and chicken rice. 

The theme for the Saturday night buffet was "Japanese", but to me it was more like "International". Though there was a sushi counter, the selection was very limited and the fish didn't look very fresh. 

The appetizer section was a lot better. The small dishes were all beautifully prepared and presented. There is also a salad bar where you can make your own salads. There's fresh prawns and mussels, but no oysters. 

The dessert section is also impressive - lots of items and beautifully presented. The ubiquitous chocolate fountain took it's pride of place at the centre. I am not a fan of chocolate fountains, but lots of people seem to like it.

Beautiful appetizers. They taste really good too.

Even the fresh fruits were nicely cut and presented.

Finish off with desserts and coffee.

The buffet at Kuching Hilton is probably the best in town. It can't compete with the top hotels in Kuala Lumpur, but if you are stuck in Kuching this is your best bet in getting your buffet fix.


Cecil Lee said…
I love buffet! Everywhere! By the way, Happy Chinese New Year!
Borneoboy said…
Hi Cecil. Happy Chinese New Year to you too ! How was your celebration ?
FaDLi said…
wah... i agree with you the food here is nice... i once ate there when my friend celebrated his birthday there...
chuanyi_mystory said…
Hi bro. But what are the main courses? it seem like you onli promoting appetizeerzzzz. I will coming to kuching in a month time to celebrate my gf bday so i hope to gt a fine restaurant to dine.Hilton was one of my choice.any suggestion
Ting Hie Sing said…
hey,i have a member HITON PREMIUM CLUB card. so does it mean i can use this card to enjoy the hotel buffet?

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