Budapest 2016 - Fogaz Haz Ruin Pub

Ruin Pubs are an interesting phenomenon in Budapest. The whole trend started in District VII which is the Jewish Quarter of Budapest. There are a large number of old buildings in the area which have become dilapidated and under-utilized over the years. The cheap rent and shabby chic appeal of the buildings was ideal for the germination of a lifestyle phenomenon that has taken over the City.

Once you have visited a few ruin pubs you kind of get the modus operandi. Find an old dilapidated building complex - preferably one with a large courtyard inside. Put a roof over the courtyard - or even just a make-shift tent. Find lots of junkyard items to decorate the spaces. Get a few grafiti artists and let them go wild all over the place. And you get yourself a Ruin Pub. What is quite amazing about these ruin pubs in Budapest is that they manage to find so many willing customers. Most of the pubs are filled to the brim with people - some you even have to wait in line to get in.

Fogaz Haz is one of the most popular ruin pubs in Budapest. The name translates as "House of Teeth". You wont find any teeth here - the name came from the venue which used to be a dental repair shop. As usual there is a large courtyard garden inside the complex which is covered by a colourful tent. Film screenings, theatre performances and exhibitions are held regularly in the big space.

Besides the main courtyard space which is obviously the main draw - here are many other smaller rooms with different themes and decor.

I can really see the attraction of these venues. They are full of character, have a casual whatever-goes vibe, and are very chill places to hang out. Every city should have one or two of these.


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